About Us

ROCKET is a group of four highly experienced, professional musicians playing an incredible range of classic rock, pop, contemporary anthems and party classics. Through regular live work, the band have crafted a collection of music suitable for every occasion.

ROCKET have already built a strong reputation for their dynamic and high energy performance at London venues and are in demand for corporate events as well as weddings and private parties in the UK and worldwide. The band’s live set is packed with multi-million selling songs from over sixty artists, spanning more than four decades of music, including Bon Jovi, Kings Of Leon, Jay-Z, Nelly, The Black Eyed Peas, The Killers, Oasis and James Brown. The band is renowned for their ‘lifelike’ versions of some of the biggest songs in the business, covering a wide range of musical genres.

ROCKET’s mission is to make you dance, jump around and sing along with every anthem they play!

Come and see us live!